Email Video Is Not Playing:- Problem and Solutions

When you are excited to watch some great videos on your phone or computer, but you open it, then you get a message over the screen that the video won’t play. These are the issues and problems you face while watching the videos. Sometimes you get an effect like

  1. Instead of opening the website, you get a message that like won’t be open now
  2. You listen to an audio voice, but the screen appears black.

As this issue is not so severe, when you want to watch a video and facing these issues, you may be frustrated, but you don’t want to panic. You need to contact the email support number. These issues are not due to one reason, but there are several reasons which I have explained in this blog.

  • Black screen issue:- when you run a video on the computer, and you find a black screen. This issue may be due to the uninstall of adobe flash player, or the software is not correctly working on your computer. You must uninstall it and install it again in your system and rerun the video.
  • Error code 14:- This issue you itself resolve if you know about computers. You first wholly close all the running programs on your computer. You also turn off your device and restart again and check whether it works or not. If you are using an email desktop, then you delete and install back in your device.
  • Only audio but no video:- Sometimes, it happens that you only listen to the sound, but the video is invisible to you. You go to the computer setting and follow as device manager>monitor display on 16 bits. You also scan your device to remove viruses or malware from your device. 
  • Only email videos not play:- you are watching an official video, but when you open an email video to watch then, you face issues with it. This may be due to you using outdated versions of media player software or email software. You update and check again.

These are few solutions to the issue, but if you still have a problem, you need to contact a third party email customer care number, and they take your computer on remote and assist you further.

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