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It gets so frustrating when your pogo games are not loading. The trouble is not big at all but the issue may exist due to misconfiguration installation of a plugin or the game is not compatible for your web browser. Games are a dependable source of entertainment and you can enjoy your days through online games. You were too shocked when you played a game one day before, but not able to play games right now. In order to solve the issue you contact the pogo customer care number our toll-free number.

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Reason for pogo games stopped working
  • Check your internet speed by opening another website on your computer

  • You have to configure adobe flash players with pogo games. If not please installation on your computer

  • Ensure that you have installed java application and active this plugin with pogo games

  • Ensure you are using 1024×768 screen resolution for best experience of pogo games

  • Ensure you are using Internet Explorer 11 where games are running good without any problems.

Observe the steps to resolve Pogo games not working issue Restart your computer

If you are unable to load pogo games on your computer, then you refresh the page by pressing F5. You can also reload the page by clicking the reload option on the top left-hand position of the web browser. If you perform this, it avoids the cache and open pogo page on your computer.

Clear the cache

If pogo games are not loaded on your computer, then you need to clear the stash first. Read out the steps to solve the issue

  • Open your browser on the computer and open the history of the browser

  • Hit in browser history.

  • Once you hit, a number of checkboxes open include the cache files

  • Now you select the cache and remove the cache by selecting delete button option

  • Now you close the browser and launch the browser again. Spread out the pogo website on your computer. If still you are not able to open then you need to remove Java cache and flash cache from your data processor.

Use another browser

If you still are not able to solve the issue, then you try another web browser to run the virtual games. This will help you resolve the issue by shifting to another web browser.

There are heaps of web browsers apart from Mozilla, chrome or Internet Explorer. You can use another browser which is compatible to play games online.

I have suggested some steps to resolve the issue that my pogo games are not loading. If you still have any problem you can contact the pogo customer support numberour toll-free number.

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